Mangalore, India

2009 – Pathology Residency – BJ Medical College – Ahmedabad, India
2004 – MBBS – Calicut Medical College

1997 – C.V.R Prasad Memorial Prize – Mother’s International School
1996 – National Talent search scholarship (NTSE)

Cytopathology, Emory University


Primary pulmonary leiomyosarcoma – A case report. Luthra M, Khan H, Suhail MF, Avadhani V. Archivos de bronconeumologia, March 10, 2012 epub ahead of print.

Risk of malignancy in AUS/ FLUS and Follicular Neoplasm is overestimated and decreases with ageMazen Iskandar , Giovanni Bonomo , Vaidehi Avadhani , David Lucido PhD, Jennifer L. Marti. Poster presentation 83rd Annual Meeting of American Thyroid Association, 2014.

Specificity of GATA3 staining with special emphasis on GATA3 and Uroplakin2 in urothelial lesions. Vaidehi Avadhani, Darren Buonocore, Abul Ala Syed Rifat Mannan, Beverly Wang, Violette Ghali. USCAP 2014.

Neuroectodermal tumors in uterine tumors – Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of central type. Vaidehi Avadhani. Poster presentation CAP Annual meeting 2013.

Atypical follicular adenoma of thyroid: Cytomorphological features on fine-needle aspiration biopsy and histological correlation. Zheng Ma, Vaidehi Avadhani, Jean M. Cohen, Manju Harshan. Poster presentation, American society of Cytopathology Annual meeting 2013

“Hurthle cell lesion”: A clinicopathologic study and significance of cytologic diagnosis. Vaidehi Avadhani, Jean M. Cohen, Manju Harshan. Poster presentation, American society of Cytopathology Annual meeting 2013.

Extradepartmental Consultations – an audit and value in a community hospital. Capitalize on the investment. Vaidehi Avadhani, Cary Johnson, Beverly Wang. Poster presentation, ASCP annual meeting 2013.

Intrapancreatic Accessory Spleen Mimicking a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor- what we can learn from a pitfall. Vaidehi Avadhani, Steven Brower, Beverly Wang. Poster presentation at Resident Research Day, 2012, SLR.

Parotid Nodular Fasciitis Presenting as Aggressive Malignant Tumors: Two Cases with Clinicopathologic Challenge” Vaidehi Avadhani, Songyang Yuan, Spiros Manolidis, Beverly Wang. CAP 2012 meeting, San Diego – poster presentation

Merkel cell carcinoma of the ear canal – a case report and our experience with Merkel cell polyoma virus detection by immunohistochemistry. Vaidehi Avadhani, Esha Gollapalle, Violet Ghali. ASCP 2012 meeting, Boston – display poster and eposter.

Atypical Carcinoid of Thymus. Case of the week, Pathology outlines July 2013.

Pathology Outlines reviewer- Mesothelial tumors.

Pathology resident wiki – Contributor