Resident Meeting – May 1, 2015



May 1, 2015


Education Committee Meeting set for May 6th, 8:15 am in the RH Pathology Conference Room. Open to Committee Members and Chief Resident’s only.

BI Resident Rotation:

Residents working on Saturdays are to be there by 8:00 a.m. sharp as the new PA is still learning.

Two day cycles were discussed with Dr. Kiss with no resolution. It was suggested that half day grossing and half day sign-out when only two residents are there be implemented at BI. Topic will be re-addressed at a future date.

BI will be receiving autopsies from New York Eye and Ear. These autopsies will be handled the same as BI Brooklyn autopsies.

Residents should not be concerned about the pending brain cutting at BI for the time being as there are no concrete decisions as to how to handle them has been made yet. There is a proposal that they will be sent to Neuropathology at MSSM.

Any issues occurring during the BI Rotations must be taken directly to the site Director, Dr. Kiss or chief resident Jayalakshmi Balakrishna in order for them to be addressed in a timely manner. At this time the concern of BI PA’s making Friday’s light and leaving the residents with more work on Saturdays was brought to light.

Lab Management Topics:

A list of topics has been formulated. Resident on the Lab Management should prepare a topic to present. Resident’s should also utilize the IHI website.

Autopsy/Derm Rotation:

Autopsy Conferences at SL will be discussed at the Education Committee Meeting on May 6th.

The idea of presenting only selected cases was put on the table.

The topic on the ineffectiveness of the Autopsy/Derm rotation was discussed. Dr. Friedman stated Dr. Votava has very organized cases & reports that can be viewed and that the rotation is similar to that of a Fellowship rotation. Dr. Votava also has a number of conferences that he feels the residents are not taking full advantage of. To that end, it was suggested that a Derm/Neuro rotation at MSSM be implemented and having a separate Autopsy rotation.

MSR Concerns:

While the resident’s understand that the new PA at RH is still familiarizing himself with his job responsibilities, it seems though he is stretching routine jobs and leaving the heavier loads for the residents. Dr. Zeizafoun is closely monitoring the situation. He suggested that once the PA is comfortable with his work load a new plan with a backup should be discussed.

Five workstations are in dire need of replacement.

Cytopathology Rotation:

Residents on this rotation have no space or workstation. They were informed that they can no longer use the workstations in the cytology room. Dr. Zeizafoun will discuss with Dr. Wenig and Ms. Mitchley.

Olser Course:

Dr. Friedman announced that funds will be allocated for full reimbursement of the Osler Course.

PRISE Access:

The residents are concerned about access to PRISE once the seniors graduate, more to follow.

With nothing further to discuss the meeting adjourned 9:10 am.

Respectfully submitted by,
Mildred Diaz, MSOL
Residency Program Coordinator

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