Handling of Foreign Bodies Policy at MSBI – May 18, 2015

Dear all,

The standing policy at MSBI to gross foreign bodies is as follows:

1. All the grossly evident foreign bodies are described
2. Photographed
3. Saved

1. Stones
2. Those come with other specimens (like tissue attached)
3. Those are not specified as foreign body in the requisition form

1. If there is a specimen which is accessioned and/or triaged inappropriately the grossing person need to let the accessioner/PA/lab manager know
2. Ask a person in charge (attending/senior resident/lab manager) when you are uncertain about any specimen.

This email is to confirm that every grossing resident at MSBI is aware of this and myself and Dr Kiss want all of you to read this understand this and reply acknowledging that you have done so.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Dr Jaya Balakrishna
PGY-3/Chief resident
Mount Sinai Beth Israel
New York

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