GME Follow Up from Dr. Singh

Dear Pathology residents-
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you after our meeting. As I told you, we had a system meeting right after with leadership from Sinai, GME and Pathology at BI and SLR present.  I am including Dr. Friedman here so he is aware of our communication.

I think we made substantial headway that can be summarized in the following:
1. You should not be signing the document PAs give you at BI- I described it to leadership and they were as surprised as I was- if you are asked to, please tell them it needs to come from Dr. Friedman and him alone. Or his designee at the site but not form them to you
2. There was agreement about the need for more PA coverage at RH.   Dr. Leitman, our  DIO and Sr Associate Dean for GME has written to the COO of the hospital requesting additional funds to have a temp PA at RH and he is supportive and working on it. Meanwhile, leadership will also look into a tech to relieve RH site
3. The system Chair was agreeable to exploring a central pool of PAs who cover various campuses based on needs ( I believe one of you suggested this and I was skeptical)
4. Leader ship will meet to discuss the pros and cons of a program merger but not as a remedy to the problems- it will be a long term plan (at least 2 yrs from now) and not immediate.
5. There will be more robust combined didactics and both PDs will be discussing this soon.

I passed along  all your concerns and they were taken seriously- I have already seen emails that indicate the remedies are around the corner
Thanks for being patient with a system in transformation and for being forthright with your communication to me- it’s the only way to improve things


Prameet Singh MD

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