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Welcome to the Mount Sinai-SLR/BI clinical pathology (CP) on-call wiki. It is essential to prepare first year pathology residents to take CP call before the start of their second academic year, especially in programs with an emphasis on anatomic pathology early on in training. Additionally, new ACGME requirements delay residents from taking out-of-hospital call until the second year of residency. This project draws inspiration from the original work by Olson et al., and our aim is to create and conduct an interactive scenario-based workshop at the end of each academic year, to aid junior residents in becoming confident in handling CP on-call duties.

Types of CP Call

Blood Bank



CP Schedules & Phone Numbers

Resident Duty Hand-Off (Continuity of Care) Policy

Residents must ensure continuity of care when going on leave (i.e., vacation, sick call, professional, or personal days) from their assigned rotations, particularly when covering surgical pathology or cytopathology services, including frozen sections, or if assigned to tumor board conferences. It is the responsibility of the resident going on leave to notify the rotation director, site director, and chief residents 1-2 days before scheduled leave and to advise of any patient care/service matters that need to be followed up. For unplanned leave (i.e., sick call, the resident should telephone the rotation director and/or site director to advise of any important service issues to follow up.

Residents on surgical pathology service at each site will be assigned to cover when the PA is out, with appropriate notification of the site director. In any case in which a resident rotating on one service is assigned to cover another service (e.g., the microbiology resident is assigned to cover the cytopathology service for EBUS procedures or blood bank resident to cover the hematopathology service at Roosevelt), the incident shall be entered into the New Innovations Log which is monitored by the program director.

While in pathology, unlike clinical specialties, there is generally limited resident-to-resident interaction (hand-off), there are several areas where such interaction can be evaluated. One particular area is in the transfusion service where such interaction can occur between the daytime rotating resident and the on call evening/weekend residents. As such, on service (weekday) residents are expected to communicate either verbally or via secure e-mail (i.e., chpnet e-mail) all important clinical situations requiring follow up during the off hours (nights, weekends) by on call residents and vice versa. Examples of information to be communicated include ongoing requests for blood products, patients with complex bleeding issues requiring multiple blood products, therapeutic apheresis patients, and transfusion reactions requiring further investigation or follow up. This hand-off process will be monitored and evaluated by the blood bank/transfusion service rotation director.

About the CP On-Call Project


Spring 2015 (MSR conference room)

  • Day 1 - June 02 - 7:30-8:30 - Introduction / Blood Bank day 1
  • Day 2 - June 08 - 7:30-8:30 - Blood Bank day 2
  • Day 3 - June 15 - 7:30-8:30 - Blood Bank day 3
  • Day 4 - June 23 - 7:30-8:30 - Microbiology (at MSSL)
  • Day 5 - June 29 - 7:30-8:30 - Hematology