Awardees of the Neville Colman Award for Pathology Education Excellence

Dr. Neville Colman was a professor of pathology and the chair of pathology at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt and Beth Israel Medical Centers (Continuum Health Partners) from 1994 until his untimely passing from cancer in 2003. Previously, he had held important positions within the pathology departments at Columbia University and at Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Colman was well known for his ground-breaking research in nutritional supplementation of folate and vitamin B-12 as well as the forensic use of DNA. As the director for the SLR/BI Pathology Training Program, he promoted education foremost and was instrumental in the growth and development of the program. The award named in his honor is traditionally given out to the individual most dedicated to pathology education and the training program.

Past Honorees

2004 Frank Basloe Program Coordinator
2005 John R. Protic, MD Medical Director, Microbiology Laboratory/Program Director
2007 Joseph W. Schappert, MD Vice Chair, Clinical Pathology/Program Director
2008 Harold P. Gaetz, MD Pathologist
2010 Rose-Sunitha Thayaparan, MD Pathologist
2015 Pushpa Kancherla, MD Pathologist
2016 Violette Ghali, MD Pathologist
2017 Mildred Diaz, MSOL Program Coordinator
2018 Ippolito Modica, MD Pathologist, Site Director of Mount Sinai West


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