Press and Media Inquiries and Social Media Policies

Please take a moment to review Mount Sinai Health System’s policies surrounding Press and Media inquiries and Social Media policies. It is very important that all faculty, staff, and students understand these policies and adhere to them.

Traditional Media

The Press Office handles all matters related to the press and can assist you with a wide variety of needs. The Press Office is available 24/7 by phone (212-241-9200) or email [email protected] Always give the Press Office as much advance notice as possible, as described below.

Situations Requiring Immediate Attention:

Inquiries from Reporters – If you are contacted by a reporter or producer from any media outlet (newspaper, broadcast, blogs, and other digital outlets), or a former or current employee regarding a news story, contact the Press Office immediately before providing any information. Sensitive or confidential matters are especially important to report promptly. Do not respond or speak to any reporters, as well as current or former employees, regarding a pending news story.

Crisis Coverage – If news crews appear on any campus in response to a crisis, please do not grant an on-the-spot interview. Instead, refer reporters to the media briefing center (Security will direct you and/or reporters to the location) so that Mount Sinai may respond accurately and consistently.

Media Access to Mount Sinai Health System Facilities – Security will give journalists, camera crews, and other members of the media clearance to enter campus buildings only if their visit has been expressly authorized by the Press Office and they are escorted by Press Office staff.

Situations Requiring Some Advance Preparation:

Publications – When you have an important manuscript accepted for publication, for example, an article in a major journal, or award (an honor or grant), notify the Press Office (ideally four weeks before anticipated publication) and staff will work with you on possible opportunities for media exposure.

Academic Conferences – When you have a major role in a national or international conference in your area of expertise, contact the Press Office (ideally at least four weeks in advance) to discuss opportunities for coverage of the event.

· Letters to the Editor, Op-Eds and Other Media Submissions – If you wish to submit a letter to the editor, Op-Ed or other article for publication in the media using your Mount Sinai affiliation or on topics related to Mount Sinai, please give the Press Office as much advance notice as possible to review it. The Press Office will coordinate in the event that more than one person intends to submit on the same issue, will review to ensure that the submission does not misrepresent Mount Sinai’s position, and can provide help in placing the piece for publication.

Following is the link to the full Press Office Policy on the Intranet, as well as templates for providing news of grants, awards, and research:

Social Media Policy

Mount Sinai also has institutional guidelines for best practices in the use of social media, for example, internet-based applications that support and promote the exchange of user-developed content. This landscape is continuously evolving, but current examples of social media include text messages, media messaging service (MMS), Twitter®, Facebook®, Linked-In®, YouTube®, and all other social networks, personal and organizational websites, blogs, wikis, and similar entities.

All members of the Mount Sinai community, whether staff, faculty, students, house staff, fellows or volunteers, must be attuned to the potential impact that electronic interactions can have on patients, colleagues, and Mount Sinai. While Mount Sinai is committed to supporting your right to interact knowledgeably and socially, everyone must be aware of the risks and limitations. The Social Media Guidelines are designed to help you to understand your responsibilities to Mount Sinai in relation to social media and to help you represent yourself and Mount Sinai in a responsible and professional manner.

The guidelines summarize appropriate standards of conduct relating to all electronic information (text, image, or auditory) that is created or posted externally on social media sites by Mount Sinai personnel. Use-case examples are provided to help you in thinking about the appropriateness of certain scenarios. The guidelines can be accessed at the following link:

Thank you all for your adherence to these important policies.

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