Duty Hours

A resident who comes in for call overnight may report to their regular rotation shift the following morning at the usual time. That is to say that, the resident who came in for CP call until 3 AM and then reported to chemistry rotation at 9 AM did NOT violate the duty hours rules. However, as a program, we are required to monitor such occurrences to ensure that they do not occur in excess. Thus, residents must log in these occurrences into the New Innovations (AP or CP) call log for tracking. Also, when entering duty hours into the system, there is a code for these events (I believe, CP Home Call).


Mark T. Friedman, DO
Medical Director, Blood Bank and Transfusion Service
Director, Pathology Residency Program
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Mount Sinai Health System


When entering duty hours, there is no code for “home call” per se, only one option that is “Call”.

However, if you click view previous hours and choose edit, the options of “pager call phone” and “pager call in hospital” will show up.  You can then change your “Call” accordingly.

Wendi Zhou, MD

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